Monday, May 4, 2009

Wolverine has a fear...


"Action man Hugh Jackman has dashed his hardman persona - he's scared of dolls coming to life. The X-Men star admits he is spooked whenever kids' toys are brought to life on-screen - and he has traced his fears back to watching horror movie Child's Play as a youngster, which featured a murderous doll named Chucky. He says, 'When dolls come to life in films, that just freaks me out, I just can't stand that. Chucky? Forget that. I remember when I was a little kid, and that little doll in the rocking chair going, 'Take the girl right up the hill and kiss the girl goodbye'... I'm like, forget that! That freaks me out.'"

Okay. This is no irrational fear. I have this - except for Toy Story. I am frightened to of Chucky and will refuse till the day I die to watch a Child's Play film. EVER.

BTW - X-Men Origins: Wolverine's box office weekend? #1, of course.


"Despite last month's online release of a pirated workprint... and a slew of unwelcoming reviews, Twentieth Century Fox's X-Men Origins: Wolverine made the cut as a box-office contender over the weekend as it took in an estimated $87 million. The figure was in line with most analysts' predictions, although a few had forecast that it would rake in well over $100 million. (The Los Angeles Times called the result 'somewhat impressive.') Over the same weekend a year ago, Iron Man took in $98.6 million."

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