Wednesday, July 28, 2010

YOGI BEAR steals a trailer


"The unlikely pairing of Dan Aykroyd and Justin Timberlake provide voices to the classic animated characters Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo, respectively, in a big screen adaptation of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon series.

'When Jellystone Park is found to be losing business, greedy Mayor Brown decides to shut it down and sell the land. That means families will no longer be able to experience the natural beauty of the outdoors -- and, even worse, Yogi and Boo Boo will be tossed out of the only home they've ever known. Faced with his biggest challenge ever, Yogi must prove that he really is 'smarter than the average bear' as he and Boo-Boo join forces with their old nemesis Ranger Smith to find a way to save Jellystone Park from closing forever.

The film also stars Tom Cavanagh as Smith and Anna Faris as Rachel. Yogi Bear hits theaters on December 17, 2010."

Okay. It's a step-up from Alvin and the Chipmunks. The character design is a bit better than Scooby-Doo, which didn't even remotely LOOK like Scooby-Doo. Both Yogi and Boo-Boo look like CG versions of The Country Bears. Hopefully, it won't end up BEING The Country Bears (which has since faded into obscurity).

Yogi sounds like a cross between his normal self and Space Ghost. If they ever made a live-action Space Ghost movie, Dan Aykroyd would be a good voice.

Justin Timberlake was my biggest concern before the trailer came out. I used to think he'd be a terrible voice for Boo-Boo. After seeing the trailer, he sounded eerily like Boo-Boo. It was uncanny! I'd go so far as to say he actually nailed it!

BATTLESHIP's newest star is...


"Rihanna is set to make her feature film debut in Universal's Battleship, the Hasbro adaptation to be directed by Peter Berg.

The recording artist, songwriter and model will be joining Taylor Kitsch and Alexander Skarsgard in the film, scheduled to hit theaters on May 18, 2012.

Battleship will unfold as a massive Naval adventure across the seas, in the skies and over land as our planet fights for survival against a superior force. Kitsch stars as a Naval officer who leads the fight and Skarsgard will play his brother in the film.

Jon Hoeber and Erich Hoeber wrote the screenplay, which was revised by Brian Koppelman and David Levein."

Oh, good Lord. I gotta admit this gave me a laugh when I needed it.

By the way, this is post #700!!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Comic-Con: THE AVENGERS assembled!!

From Slashfilm:

"It was a pretty poorly kept secret that Marvel planned to formally announce The Avengers today during the Marvel Studios panel in Hall H at the San Diego Comic Con, but that didn’t stop thousands of people going into geek rapture when the full cast walked out on stage.

After the Thor panel concluded, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige dimmed the lights one last time, and an Avengers ‘A’ logo slowly resolved on screen as the voice of Nick Fury (Sam Jackson) explained the formation of the world’s biggest superhero team. And then Jackson himself came on stage to introduce the cast.

Jackson introduced the cast we know, all of whom strode out on stage. We’d just seen Clark Gregg (SHIELD Agent Coulson [from the Iron Man films and the upcoming Thor), Chris Evans (Captain America) and Chris Hemsworth (Thor) on other panels, but the appearances of Robert Downey, Jr. (Iron Man) and Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow) were surprises.

Then Downey took the mic, and before he got down to business he took a moment to comment on the wild ambition of Inception before proclaiming the idea of bringing together the leads of all of Marvel’s superhero films for The Avengers to be the most wildly ambitious movie idea yet hatched.

Then he introduced Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye, and Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner, aka The Hulk.

Then Joss Whedon came out, grinning like a madman. 'I’ve had a dream all my life,' he exclaimed, 'and it was not this good!' (Then, in typically self-depricating style, he jokingly added 'and I am going to blow it.')"


A video detailing each actor and what role they will play in The Avengers straight from Marvel.

Here's also the logo teaser that Marvel had at Comic-Con:

Comic-Con: Ryan Reynolds lights up GREEN LANTERN


"'s SuperHeroHype is at the Warner Bros. Comic-Con presentation for director Martin Campbell's Green Lantern, starring Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Mark Strong, Peter Sarsgaard, Tim Robbins and more, and we're live-blogging the event as it takes place.

There's a lot of excitement to see the very first footage for the first Warner Bros. superhero movie done under the DC Entertainment banner, the production having been shooting in Louisiana since February with two more weeks to go.

Not sure if this is something that many people will realize but apparently, there are hurricane warnings along the Gulf, which means the cast and crew of Green Lantern had to run in to do the panel and they have to get right back to Louisiana.

Moderator is Geoff Boucher of Hero Complex. He started things off by saying the Green Lantern oath, great way to kick things off and the first person out is Green Lantern writer and DC Entertainment CCO Geoff Johns!

They're starting things off with some footage! It's essentially a teaser which starts off with a glowing green ball and an alien voiceover that says:

'Welcome inhabitants of sector 2814. The Guardians have chosen you as candidates for enlistment but before you can be recruited, you must be tested. The light you see before you is controlled by your will. Focus on the light. If you will it, it will be. Now, focus.'

That ball of green light continues to pulse and get larger and larger before it blasts the screen with a wave of green light.

We then hear Reynolds' voiceover saying the Green Lantern oath and a quick montage of footage cut together that went by very fast, including a close-up of Reynolds as Hal Jordan, his hand holding the ring, we see him in street clothes being pulled upwards and see a later scene in which he's taking on criminals by using the ring to form a giant fist that throws a roundhouse punch knocking out a bunch of guys. We get a very brief glimpse of Hector Hammond and Tomar Re.

After the oath is done, we hear the original alien voiceover saying, 'The choice has been made.'

The light we saw earlier starts forming into the GL emblem and then we see the logo is 'Await Further Contact Summer 2011.'

They're now bringing out the cast and crew including producer Donald DeLine, writer/producer Greg Berlanti, director Martin Campbell, Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Mark Strong and Peter Sarsgaard.

Ryan Reynolds says he was influenced by Han Solo and Chuck Yaeger for the part of Hal Jordan. The rest of the cast are talking about their characters and doing a superhero movie.

Director Martin Campbell is talking about the tone about keeping it very real and that the humor is apparent due to the presence of Ryan and Blake.

Producer Donald DeLine just listed a roster of Green Lanterns we're likely to see in the movie... he did mention that we get to see Killer Wasp.

Geoff Johns is talking about the origins of the project and how ten years ago, he never thought a GL movie would happen cause someone at Warner Bros. asked, 'Can we do it without the ring?' [I'm sure that the previous Green Lantern project was brought up - a comedy that would've starred Jack Black. Massive negative response from the fans convinced Warner Bros. to stick with the comic books]

Sarsgaard described Hammond as 'the kid who licked the battery or went up the rooftop with a coat hanger [in a thunderstorm]' to see what happened.

A question from the audience asks how they picked the characters to use for the movie, and it focuses on Kilowog, Sinestro and Tomar Re. They mention that Green Man and Bzzt will both be seen briefly.

Geoff was asked about other DC projects and he said that he can't talk about them. Same as always.

Ryan Reynolds was also talking about how he got the gig, and how they showed him the worlds and he was trying to play hard to get, but they really wanted him, though they made him work for the part by doing a couple screen tests before he got the role.

Martin Campbell is talking about Hal's relationship with his father Martin as seen in the 'Secret Origins' arc and how that's going to play a large part in the movie, finally culminating at the end of the movie when Hal becomes a Green Lantern.

Geoff Johns was asked about a Justice League movie but he's sidestepping it, saying that it will depend on the success of Green Lantern.

A question from the audience asks if there's room for Alan Scott, and Johns says, 'There's always room.' Ryan Reynolds says that Parallax is in the movie.

Asked about whether Mogo may appear, Johns says, 'There's a lot of Green Lanterns in the film.'

When asked which DC character they might make into a movie next, Johns says Green Lantern 2.

Ryan Reynolds and Mark Strong talked a bit about how their character fly in the movie, and then Martin Campbell is talking about Hal and Carol as test pilots and how that's shown in the movie as the two of them test out some of Ferris Aviation's latest jets. We definitely will see Carol in the skies flying the jets as well, rather than being only on the floor.

Ryan Reynolds says he's been wearing the ring for six months and he plans on passing it onto someone else, similar to Abin Sur giving his ring to Hal Jordan. They told the audience that there's a piece of paper under someone's seat and they will be given the ring. And we have a winner!

From Ain't It Cool News:

"One aside: Ryan Reynolds had one of the classiest and coolest moments in the history of the Con when he recited the Green Lantern oath for a young fan. When he finished, he lifted up his hand to reveal that he was wearing the ring. The awestruck look on the kid’s face elicited a chorus of 'Awwws!' from the crowd. Reynolds then signed a comic book for the kid. There’s a lot of self-promoting nonsense that goes on during the Q&A periods at these panels, but something like this reminded me what Comic Con is all about. Well done, Mr. Reynolds."

Here it is, the first footage of Ryan Reynolds saying the Green Lantern oath:

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Comic-Con: Captain Jack speaks out!


"As a surprise for attendees exiting the Tron Legacy panel, Disney showed a special teaser for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, now shooting in Hawaii.

Johnny Depp appeared as Captain Jack Sparrow in full 3D, sitting on the beach with a bottle of rum and speaking directly to the Comic-Con audience. He told everyone that it certainly wasn't the case that he would soon be embarking on a quest to find the fountain of youth but that, even if he were, he wouldn't be looking for a crew. But, if he did, would anyone in the audience be interested?

He promised that such an adventure would include 'zombies, cutthroats, mermaids and... Penelope Cruz' and that it would be the kind of quest that would require 'A bloody map. Or a bloody Mary. Or both.'

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides will hit theaters on May 20, 2011."

Who knows? Maybe there'll be a trailer attached to Tron Legacy.

There used to be a video up here but Jerry Bruckheimer took it off YouTube. You can still see it on YouTube but not here.

Here's a transcript of the video:

JACK SPARROW: Hello boys and girls.... or whatever. My name is Captain Jack Sparrow. Ah, I take it some of you have heard of me. As you may well know, there are times - almost constantly, in fact - where I prefer to look at the world from the bottom of the glass... of rum. Something like this. [drinks rum] Oh. [holds it out to audience, remember this is 3D] You may have also heard whisperings and rumors that Jack Sparrow be recruiting a crew to undertake a voyage to the Fountain of Youth. Not true, course not. But even if it weren't not true, you wouldn't be interested in joining me, would you? Eh? No, thought not. I do admit that there will be varied and substantial dangers along the way including but not limited to zombies, cutthroats, mermaids and the vicious and vivacious Penelope Cruz... which is why I’m not going, no sir. Impossible to find the place anyway. No one knows where it is, plus I'd have to have a bloody map. Or a Bloody Mary. Or both. Which is not a bad idea, in fact, a Bloody Mary. [smiles] Bloody Maries all around! It's on the Mouse! [cue Pirates music]

Comic-Con: Guillermo del Toro re-opens THE HAUNTED MANSION


"Guillermo del Toro made a surprise announcement at Disney's panel for Tron Legacy that he will next co-write produce and [possibly] direct a 3D The Haunted Mansion reboot.

A teaser was shown with a very brief narration about the haunted house over animation that looked to be either done by Mike Mignola or Mignola-inspired. Mignola, the creator of Hellboy [which del Toro directed two blockbuster films based on Hellboy], also illustrated a poster for Guillermo del Toro's [Oscar-winning] Pan's Labyrinth.

'We are not returning Eddie Murphy's calls,' del Toro said, making a surprise appearance onstage, '...and we are not making it a comedy... We are making it scary and fun, but the scary will be scary.'

The story will be built around the Hatbox Ghost and del Toro hopes that he'll be reintroduced to the ride as well.

Here's the official announcement from the studio:

'Guillermo del Toro surprised the 6,500 fans gathered today at Comic-Con with the announcement that he is currently developing a new film for The Walt Disney Studios based on the classic Disney theme park attraction, The Haunted Mansion.

'Dark imagery is an integral part of the Walt Disney legacy. After all, Disney himself was the father of some really chilling moments and characters - think Chernabog from Fantasia or Maleficent as the Dragon or the Evil Queen in Snow White,' said del Toro. 'I couldn't be more excited to be a part of my own adaptation of the original theme park attraction Walt envisioned and that remains- for me- the most desirable piece of real estate in the whole world!'

'Millions of people from around the world visit The Haunted Mansion each year, but no one has ever had a tour guide like Guillermo del Toro,' said Rich Ross, Chairman of The Walt Disney Studios. 'Guillermo is one of the most gifted and innovative filmmakers working today and he is going to take audiences on a visually-thrilling journey like they’ve never experienced before.'

Since August 1969, foolish mortals have dared to trespass on the macabre grounds of Disney’s Haunted Mansion. A hallowed landmark in Disneyland’s New Orleans square, it’s the dwelling place of 999 happy haunts dying to meet new visitors each day. The plantation-style of the mansion’s facade is a sweet deception for visitors. Inside, ghostly doom buggies line the hallways. Since its construction, the mysteries of the mansion have transcended the attraction with stories surfacing about horrifying encounters with the supernatural. Versions of the daunting edifice have been built at other Disney theme parks in Orlando, Tokyo and Paris."

So del Toro's doing the first modern Disney horror film. I say modern because Disney once before dabbled in the world of horror - The Watcher in the Woods.

But del Toro himself said, "We won't be returning Eddie Murphy's calls."

Comic-Con: TRON LEGACY roars to life


"Tron Legacy takes the stage this morning at San Diego Comic-Con's Hall H, the same location where, two years ago, a teaser for the film met with roaring applause and helped speed the film into development.

Set to open on December 17th, Tron Legacy stars Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, Bruce Boxleitner, James Frain, Beau Garrett and Michael Sheen and will hit regular theaters and IMAX in both 2D and 3D.

Patton Oswalt has appeared onstage to moderate.

'Welcome, furries!' he announced to the crowd before adding, 'Sorry, that's something I'm doing later.'

He also joked about a viral shirtless Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner knife fight tonight, the secret location of which will soon be revealed.

A brief series of clips was screened to showcase Tron's pop culture legacy. Though most of it has been shown at Disney events before, it's now updated to include the recent 'South Park' episode.

The cast and crew have come onstage, including director Joseph Kosinski, producer Sean Bailey, producer and director of the original Tron Steven Lisberger, and cast members Garrett Hedlund (Sam Flynn), Olivia Wilde (Quorra), Michael Sheen (Castor), Bruce Boxleitner (Alan Bradley) and Jeff Bridges (in the double role of Kevin Flynn and his alter-ego, Clu).

Both Quorra and Castor are being described as ambiguous characters, not necessary on anyone's side.

Michael Sheen has promised that the film is actually in 4D 'because Jeff Bridges brings a whole other dimension of awesome.'

Eight minutes of the film were screened:

Opening with a 3D Tron version of the Disney logo, the footage begins with Sam Flynn having just entered the computer world and captured by a red Recognizer.

'This isn't happening,' he says, looking at the world before adding, 'This is happening!'

'This program has no disk,' says one of the helmeted officers, 'Another stray.'

Sam is taken aboard the craft and locked in a light field along a number of others. He tries to ask them about his father, but they are just speaking meaninglessly. One of them turns and glares at him, revealing his face is half missing.

We see that this Recognizer is part of a larger fleet, all headed towards a large conical building that looks a stadium.

Inside, each of the prisoners is approached and identified as either 'Rectify' or 'Games'. Sam gets games and is taken to a light-disc elevator that takes him down to a large empty room. From four sides come four attractive women in skin-tight white suits. They surround Sam and illuminate their fingers, touching them against his clothes which rip to shreds, falling to the floor and getting sucked away instantly.

A black bodysuit materialized around him and the women gather armor that they clip to his body.

'He is different,' one of them says.

Sam is then given an identity disk which is clipped into his back, causing his eyes to flash with light.

'What am I supposed to do?' Sam asks.

'Survive,' one of the women says.

On a different elevator, Sam is taken up, emerging in the middle of a large stadium, other programs all around him.

The footage switches to a montage with lots of bike racing. One shot has someone killed by a disc, slicing them in half as their body goes to pixels.

One shot reveals Clu, removing his yellow mask to reveal young Jeff Bridges. Another shot has him leaping mid-air and turning into a yellow light-jet.

'I'm not your father, Sam,' we hear Clu say, 'But I'm very happy to see you.'

Following the footage, the audience was given a chance to help record ADR [direct from Skywalker Sound] that they plan to incorporate into the final film. The screen gave the audience words to chant including 'Disk! War', 'Rinz! Ler!', and 'Dee! Rez!' as well as the sound of cheering and stomping feet.

When asked if the original might get a rerelease in 3D, Bailey said, 'Those are conversations we're having right now.'"

Other quotes from the Tron press conference -

"[This is a] true 3D movie, shot with two cameras." - Joseph Kosinski [Patton just, sarcastically, called Avatar a "cheap piece of crap" when telling the audience that Tron Legacy uses the NEXT generation of 3D film technology.]

"[I] threw away [my] walker [when I got the call to do the sequel]." - Bruce Boxleitner

"I had no idea Alan Bradley would become such a lost soul." - Bruce Boxleitner

"To revisit a character 27 years later is quite amazing." - Bruce Boxleitner

"[Playing against my 35-year-old self] was pretty wild and psychedelic." - Jeff Bridges

"[Quorra] has been a companion to Kevin Flynn for a long time and she's a fearless warrior." - Olivia Wilde

So I thought that was nice that Disney gave Tron fans a chance to BE HEARD in Tron Legacy because they were HEARD.

Before the show everyone was given a card with the number "999" on it. No one knew what it meant, if it had something to do with Tron or something else....

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tim Burton declares a MONSTERPOCALYPSE

From Slashfilm:

"Last month, it was reported that John August was in talks with Dreamworks to pen a big screen adaptation of the Monsterpocalypse board game which has been described as 'part strategy, part Kaiju Big Battel, and part Rampage!, all played out with miniatures on a tabletop'. At the time, it was speculated that the involvement of Burton’s regular collaborator might mean that Tim Burton was developing the project to direct. We now have a confirmation and more information on the project.

* John August is writing the screenplay right now, consulting with the game’s creator Matt Wilson (who is also a co-producer)
* Tim Burton is developing the project to direct
* Being developed as a 3D movie
* It could hit theaters by the end of 2012
* Will not feature other properties like Voltron
* The plot involves giant monsters who attack earth. After the humans fight back, the monsters retreat, but it is quickly discovered that they didn’t leave, but instead burrowed underground and are sending some sort of signal into space. The humans prepare for a possible future attach and developed giant robots that will fight the monsters if and when they return.
* Most of the movie is going to be during that battle between the giant robots and the giant monsters.
* Tim Burton is developing the look for the monsters with Ken Ralston, four time Academy Award winner who has been involved with the visual effects on films such as Forrest Gump, Death Becomes Her, Back to the Future series, Who Framed Roger Rabbit... Star Wars trilogy
* The monsters and robots are each the size of a very tall building.
* The robots are controlled by a crew inside of each one of these robots, and we’ll be seeing the battles from the inside of the bridge and the outside."

Cool. Looks like Tim Burton is going back to doing a movie like Mars Attacks!. Could we see an all-star cast that rivals those of Jack Nicholson, Glenn Close, Pierce Brosnan, Annette Bening, Danny DeVito, Martin Short, Michael J. Fox, Natalie Portman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tom Jones, Christina Applegate and Jack Black? And maybe (for once) not even Johnny Depp?

Simon Pegg re-accepts MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE IV


"Although Brad Bird's Mission: Impossible IV has yet to be officially greenlit by Paramount, Heat Vision is reporting that actor Simon Pegg is already in talks to return as lab geek Benji Dunn in the movie targeted for a December 16, 2011 release.

Pegg's role in J.J. Abrams' feature film debut Mission: Impossible III was a fairly small one, but it ultimately led to Pegg playing Scotty in Abrams' blockbuster reboot of Star Trek last year. With Abrams producing the fourth installment, it would be Pegg and Abrams' third movie together before the in-development Star Trek [sequel].

Once Paramount gives the go-ahead, plans are to start filming in September with Tom Cruise already signed to return as Ethan Hunt."

Obviously, Paramount is worried that the public has lost interest in Tom Cruise. Especially when he tried to throw audiences a bone by being both funny (like he did successfully in Tropic Thunder) and action-packed (again, as in the M:I III) in the box-office flop Knight and Day. Paramount fears that Cruise can no longer pull in an audience, because of all his personal controversies. They have been conspiring to basically turn Mission: Impossible IV into a Kingdom of the Crystal Skull-like film - aka getting him a younger, more BANKABLE sidekick. Somebody they know audiences will pay money to go see.

I think it would be kinda cool for somebody like Simon Pegg himself to play the sidekick. Almost like the TV show "Chuck", a tech nerd suddenly thrust into the world of being a spy; but on a much larger scale. But that's just me.


On a live Comic-Con special on G4 with (the vivacious) Olivia Munn, Simon Pegg (promoting Paul with Nick Frost) admitted he hasn't actually signed a deal yet, but wouldn't mind returning.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Warner Bros. declares WORLD WAR X


"Warner Bros. Pictures has bought Colin Trevorrow's script World War X and has set it up with Silver Pictures.

The trade says the story is 'centered on a man recruited by a team of government agents to stop a terrorist from the future who is using time travel to reshape history'

Joel Silver and Andrew Rona are producing. Chris Bender, JC Spink, Alex Heineman and Jake Weiner are executive producing."

Sounds like a great story. Original even! I love time travel stories and this sounds like a new take on the concept.

Nicolas Cage confirms GHOST RIDER 2


"Nicolas Cage will return for a Ghost Rider sequel to be helmed by Neveldine/Taylor, the actor confirmed tonight on 'The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson'.

'There's gonna be a new one,' Cage told Ferguson after the host presented him with a model of a flaming skull, 'I just made the deal today.'

He also confirmed the recent rumor that Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor (Crank, Gamer) will direct the film, still rumored to be called Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance."

This is great news. Hopefully the new movie will be as good or better than the original Ghost Rider.

Here is the trailer for the original:

"I'm the only one who can walk in both worlds. I'm Ghost Rider."

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Pixar gives TRON LEGACY a jump-start

From Entertainment Weekly:

"Joe Kosinski’s Tron Legacy is getting a little help from above. has learned that the CG-extravaganza due out at the end of the year received some key input from some very brilliant filmmakers, mainly the elite brain trust at Pixar in Northern California. In late March, the Tron filmmakers chose to show a very early working cut of the film starring Garrett Hedlund and Jeff Bridges to Pixar’s John Lasseter, Ed Catmull, The Incredibles director Brad Bird, Toy Story 3 screenwriter Michael Arndt, and others. The one-day exercise was done in advance of some planned re-shoots scheduled for June with the intent of beefing up the very things that Pixar is so good at: character, emotion, and theme.

Following the screening — and other viewings with various live-action filmmakers in Los Angeles — Disney hired Arndt and Bird to write some pages for the upcoming re-shoots, which lasted six days last month. Original writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz ('Lost') were also integral in the writing at this time. 'Tron is very much Joe Kosinski’s vision, a vision which is thrilling to me and I hope is thrilling to the fans,' said Sean Bailey, Disney’s president of production. 'What I give Joe and the filmmaking team immense credit for, is this was all born out of how do we give the fans the best movie we can. We were very fortunate that Pixar wanted to play a part in it.'

So is this inter-studio collaboration a sign of things to come for Disney, under the new regime of studio head Rich Ross and Bailey? The answer seems to be yes. With Disney now essentially an umbrella company for not only Pixar but Marvel and DreamWorks Studios too, it makes a lot of sense. And Bailey, who was first a producer on Tron before being hired by Disney in January, is certainly encouraged by the positive experience of working with those famed filmmakers up north. 'Certainly being able to have an open dialogue with our formidable partners in Pixar, Marvel, and DreamWorks is really interesting to me.'

Tron Legacy will bow on Dec. 17."

Now all doubts aside, can this movie fail? Unless they change the pronounciation of the character's name and remove any hint of humor, no they can't.

Mighty Marvel in 3D!!


"The Los Angeles Times has revealed this new photo from Marvel Studios' Thor featuring Anthony Hopkins as Odin, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, and Chris Hemsworth as Thor with his hammer. The article also confirms that both Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger will be released in 3D.

The article says that both films will be released in 3D, but Thor was not shot with 3D cameras and neither will Captain America: The First Avenger. The films' directors, though, say they will be doing the post-conversion right as compared to some recent pics like Clash of the Titans and The Last Airbender.

'We came to feel that in our case 3D could be the very good friend of story and character for a different kind of experience,' Thor director Kenneth Branagh said, 'It's another draft of the story that can reveal itself in a different way... I had a healthy degree of skepticism up front... I've become somebody extremely excited about working with possibilities of doing it this way.'

Captain America: The First Avenger director Joe Johnston added, 'I think it tends to be overused and can be a little bit gimmicky... A lot of people are using 3D now because they feel have they have to... that will come and go and the pictures that deserve to be in 3D will continue to be. When it's done bad, it can make you carsick.'

Johnston said they tried a one-day test shoot with a 3D rig but that it was 'a nightmare' due to bulky gear, calibration issues and restricted filmmaking options. He said he's a firm believer, though, in the conversion approach if done right and he's enthused to move forward. 'It's a new challenge and it's exciting.'

While both films use 2D for principal photography, the special effects were conceived and executed from the beginning in 3D. Kevin Feige said that 'an unprecedented amount of time' would be devoted to the conversion process.

Thor hits theaters on May 6, 2011 and Captain America: The First Avenger on July 22, 2011."

Oh, boy. Here comes the post-convert 3D hate!


I forgot I never put up the first looks at the Captain America suit.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Edward Norton IS NO longer THE INCREDIBLE HULK


"Edward Norton will not be reprising his role as Dr. Bruce Banner [in The Avenger], reports HitFix, who say that Marvel Studios plan to cast a new actor in the part.

The report theorizes that a deal could not be made, despite Edward Norton wanting to join the ensemble cast that will include Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Chris Evans as Captain America.

Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige confirmed the report with the following statement he sent to the site:

'We have made the decision to not bring Ed Norton back to portray the title role of Bruce Banner in The Avengers. Our decision is definitely not one based on monetary factors, but instead rooted in the need for an actor who embodies the creativity and collaborative spirit of our other talented cast members. The Avengers demands players who thrive working as part of an ensemble, as evidenced by Robert, Chris H, Chris E, Sam, Scarlett, and all of our talented casts. We are looking to announce a name actor who fulfills these requirements, and is passionate about the iconic role in the coming weeks.'

Marvel Studios is planning a May 4, 2012 release for The Avengers.



"This looks to be turning into a war of the press statements. Brian Swardstrom of WME, which represents Norton, fired the following off to HitFix after they posted Feige's above comment:

'This offensive statement from Kevin Feige at Marvel is a purposefully misleading, inappropriate attempt to paint our client in a negative light. Here are the facts: two months ago, Kevin called me and said he wanted Edward to reprise the role of Bruce Banner in The Avengers. He told me it would be his fantasy to bring Edward on stage with the rest of the cast at ComiCon and make it the event of the convention. When I said that Edward was definitely open to this idea, Kevin was very excited and we agreed that Edward should meet with Joss Whedon to discuss the project. Edward and Joss had a very good meeting (confirmed by Feige to me) at which Edward said he was enthusiastic at the prospect of being a part of the ensemble cast. Marvel subsequently made him a financial offer to be in the film and both sides started negotiating in good faith. This past Wednesday, after several weeks of civil, uncontentious discussions, but before we had come to terms on a deal, a representative from Marvel called to say they had decided to go in another direction with the part. This seemed to us to be a financial decision but, whatever the case, it is completely their prerogative, and we accepted their decision with no hard feelings.

We know a lot of fans have voiced their public disappointment with this result, but this is no excuse for Feige's mean spirited, accusatory comments. Counter to what Kevin implies here, Edward was looking forward to the opportunity to work with Joss and the other actors in the Avengers cast, many of whom are personal friends of his. Feige's statement is unprofessional, disingenuous and clearly defamatory. Mr. Norton talent, tireless work ethic and professional integrity deserve more respect, and so do Marvel's fans.'



"Edward Norton has posted his official statement on the matter:

'As most of you know, I don't like to talk much about the business of making movies because it means a lot to me to protect the audience's fullest enjoyment of the 'magic' that films can have. But I am so appreciative of the outpouring of support from fans of the Hulk and the Avengers that I feel it would be rude not to respond. So here goes: It seems it won't work out for me to continue playing Bruce Banner for Marvel in "The Avengers". I sincerely hoped it could happen and be great for everyone, but it hasn't turned out as we all hoped. I know this is disappointing to many people and that makes me sad. But I am very sincerely grateful to Marvel for extending the offer and even more so for giving me the chance to be a part of the Hulk's long and excellent history. And I really can't thank the fans enough for how much enthusiasm you've sent my way about what Louis and I tried to do in our turn with the legend. It means a lot of me. I grew up with Banner and Hulk and have been an fan of every incarnation. I'm really proud, and very blessed, to have been one of them and will be thrilled to see him live on through other actors. Hulk is bigger than all of us, and that's why we love him, right?

Sincerely, Edward Norton.'"

Somewhere, Eric Bana (Bruce Banner from 2003's Hulk) is dancing with joy, screaming, "And now, you know how it feels!"

Here's a video detailing Edward Norton's impressive performance from The Incredible Hulk set to the "The Lonely Man" theme that would end every episode of the famous "The Incredible Hulk" TV series. A fitting end...

I've already heard rumors that Oscar-nominee and recently crazy man Joaquin Phoenix (Johnny Cash in Walk the Line) is set to replace Norton as Bruce Banner. If he can clean up his act and grab some serious geek love, he might just appear at Comic-Con when the cast of The Avengers is announced.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Andrew Garfield IS Spider-Man


Sony Pictures has officially announced that Andrew Garfield has landed the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in director Marc Webb's untitled Spider-Man [reboot]! The film focuses on a teenager grappling with both contemporary human problems and amazing super-human crises. The action adventure will open in 3D and 2D theaters on July 3, 2012.

Here's the official press release followed by the announcement photos:

'After a comprehensive worldwide casting search, Andrew Garfield has been chosen to portray Peter Parker when Spider-Man swings back onto the screen in 3D on July 3, 2012. The new film will begin production in early December directed by Marc Webb from a screenplay by James Vanderbilt. Laura Ziskin and Avi Arad will produce the film from Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios.

Today's confirmation culminates what has been one of the most eagerly anticipated casting announcements in recent memory. Bloggers, pop culture speculators, and everyday fans have pored over and analyzed every conceivable online rumor in an attempt to discover the identity of the next actor to play Peter Parker. Garfield will immediately begin preparing for the coveted role.

The Spider-Man franchise is one of the most successful in film history and the three previous motion pictures have collectively grossed more than $2.5 billion in worldwide box office.

On selecting Garfield, director Marc Webb said, 'Though his name may be new to many, those who know this young actor's work understand his extraordinary talents. He has a rare combination of intelligence, wit, and humanity. Mark my words, you will love Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker.'

Commenting on the announcement, Amy Pascal, co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Matt Tolmach, President of Columbia Pictures said, 'Spider-Man is a classic superhero -- a young man who balances his responsibility to serve humanity and crush evil with the shyness and normalcy of someone struggling to find himself. The role demands an extraordinary actor. You need someone who can magically transform himself from Peter Parker into Spider-Man. An actor who will depict the vulnerability of youth and the strength and confidence of a legendary figure at the same moment. We have found that actor in Andrew Garfield. From the first time we saw him in the upcoming film The Social Network, to his glorious screen test, which floored all of us, we knew that we had found our new Peter Parker.'

Producer Avi Arad added, 'I'm incredibly excited about Andrew Garfield. In the Spider-Man tradition, we were looking for a smart, sensitive, and cool new Peter Parker who can inspire us and make us laugh, cry, and cheer. We believe we have found the perfect choice to take on this role and lead us into the future.'

Producer Laura Ziskin said, 'We are thrilled to have Andrew Garfield for this new incarnation of Spider-Man under Marc Webb’s direction. We were fortunate enough to meet with a group of fantastically talented young men. In the end, we all agreed that in addition to being an extraordinary actor, Andrew had the right mix of humor, youth, and pathos, along with an underlying sense of strength and power necessary to bring Peter Parker and Spider-Man to life on screen.'

The selection of Garfield was revealed at a press event in Cancun, Mexico for international journalists attending a media tour promoting upcoming films from Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Garfield is fast becoming one of the most respected and sought-after young actors working in the industry today. In a short career, spanning only five years, he has already been directed by, and starred alongside, some of the greatest names and received a BAFTA for a role that won him international praise.

Garfield most recently worked with director David Fincher on the upcoming film The Social Network. He previously starred for Spike Jonze on his robot love story I'm Here, which premiered at Sundance this year. He plays the lead male opposite Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan in Mark Romanek's Never Let Me Go, due for release later this year.

Other notable screen credits include Terry Gilliam's The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus playing opposite Christopher Plummer, Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, Jude Law and the late Heath Ledger; Robert Redford’s Lions For Lambs, where he starred alongside Redford, Tom Cruise and Meryl Streep; Revolution Films' Red Riding Trilogy – 1974 directed by Julian Jarrold, where he lead a stellar cast including Rebecca Hall and David Morrissey, and his unforgettable portrayal of a young ex-con in John Crowley's Boy A, for which he earned the best actor BAFTA in 2008."

Too bad Spider-Man is no longer an American icon.