Saturday, August 22, 2009

More info on THIS IS IT!


"Sony Pictures on Thursday released new information about its plans for Michael Jackson's This Is It!, the movie being pieced together from a reported 100 hours of rehearsal footage that was shot prior to the singer's death in June. The studio, which reportedly paid $60 million for the raw footage, pushed the opening up two days to October 28, announced that it would remain in theaters just two weeks, and set September 27 as the date it would make tickets available. The studio also said that it had closed a deal with Kenny Ortega to oversee the movie. Ortega, who directed the High School Musical movies, had been the choreographer of Jackson's concerts, which had been set to take place at London's O2 arena. In a statement, Ortega said that as he had begun assembling the footage, 'we realized we captured something extraordinary, unique, and very special. ... It is raw, emotional, moving, and powerful footage that captures his interactions with the This Is It collaborators that he had personally assembled for this once-in-a-lifetime project.' Despite earlier reports to the contrary, the film will not contain any 3D elements, the studio said."

AWW!! SHOOT!! And I was hoping for a 3D Thriller. Oh, well. At least tickets will be cheaper.

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