Thursday, July 9, 2009

Will Smith Goes SAILing


"I Am Legend director Francis Lawrence and star Will Smith are reteaming for a fantastical drama titled The City That Sailed at 20th Century Fox.

The director is developing the project, which is being produced by Smith's Overbrook production company, with an eye to direct.

Written by Andrew Niccol, the story follows a New York City street magician whose daughter, because of family circumstances, lives in England. In exploring a lighthouse one day, the girl discovers a room with magic candles and wishes to be reunited with her father, causing the island of Manhattan to break away and drift across the Pond.

No deals are made for either Lawrence or Smith. Lawrence is simultaneously developing Water for Elephants at Fox 2000 as well as The World Without Us, also at Fox."

Okay, let me question the magic for a moment (something I don't like doing but just let think it out) - if those candles are so magical, why can't they just teleport him from NYC to England? Because it would be a really short and unimaginative film. Moving on...

Let's just hope they don't forget their I Am Legend prequel. I do like the plot, I can see this all happening - every news station in the world would be going crazy with "global disaster" business.

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