Friday, June 12, 2009



"Enchanted director Kevin Lima is attached to direct Warner Bros.' update of The Incredible Mr. Limpet, a story about a man who turns into a talking fish.... Don Knotts starred in the studio's 1964 original, which centered on the title character, an otherwise bland sort who after his transformation becomes a World War II hero when he helps spot and thwart enemy warships for the Allies. The picture was a live action-animated hybrid, with Arthur Lubin directing the live sections and Robert McKimson helming the animated parts. The new project will also be a live-animated blend."

Well, here's my take - Mr. Limpet was never really one of my extreme favorites, but I'll give it a go for this go round. I say Kevin Lima can direct both live-action and animation (as he did in Enchanted).

One thing that's interesting about this remake is that the star of the original knew of the project and already had a cast member in mind to play the new role - in a book he wrote before he passed away, the late great Don Knotts suggested that Jim Carrey would be the one to take on the role of Mr. Limpet. Here's hoping he's right!

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