Monday, June 15, 2009

"Happy Trails" Are Here Again?


"Variety reports that Roy Rogers' iconic presence may be riding back onto the big screen in a planned film trilogy to be launched by financier/producer 821 Entertainment. The Nashville-based company has partnered with the Roy Rogers Family Entertainment Corp. to launch a 'King of the Cowboys' film trilogy as well as animated TV, interactive game and merchandising efforts.

Geadelmann said the planned film trilogy will 'not be a biopic, and will not be a traditional Western, but rather a family fantasy adventure. Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and Trigger are quintessential figures of America, and we will introduce this franchise to a new audience while capitalizing on the millions of Roy Rogers fans worldwide.'"

Okay, bit of a stretch, I'll admit. The fact that the real Roy Rogers has already died doesn't bode well at all for the production of this movie trilogy. Besides, they're gonna have to do a lot of bringing the cowboy back to the popular culture, especially after Brokeback Mountain.

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