Saturday, April 3, 2010

TRON LEGACY visits WonderCon


"A viral event for Walt Disney Pictures' Tron Legacy took place on Friday night at Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco as part of WonderCon.

Encom International Executive Consultant Alan Bradley (played by Bruce Boxleitner) said at the fictional press conference that the whereabouts of his close friend, Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), are still unknown and have been for the last 20 years. Bradley also announced that an online version of the company's video game 'Space Paranoids' will soon be available with 15 never-before-seen levels. Lora Baines (played by Cindy Morgan) joined Bradley on stage and it was revealed that they are now married.

The viral event didn't quite go as planned though, as Bradley was supposed to be interrupted by either Kevin Flynn supporters from or an illuminated man jumping out of the Encom helicopter during his speech. Due to high winds the helicopter didn't come until after his speech was over. But who was the jumper that landed behind the Encom display? The below video posted later online revealed that it was Sam Flynn (played by Garrett Hedlund).

Before the jump happened, the Kevin Flynn supporters did take over the stage wearing t-shirts and carrying homemade signs to make their presence known."

I wasn't too crazy about Garrett's acting in the trailer. But seeing this video got me thinking - he WOULD BE Kevin Flynn's son.

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