Friday, March 26, 2010

Orson Welles rises from the dead?

From Slashfilm:

"How appropriate that a studio called Drac might be the latest group to suck some life out of Orson Welles. The effects company has done good work on films like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.... Christmas Tails will be a 3D live-action/CG hybrid film narrated by Orson Welles. Yes, he’s been dead for twenty-five years.

THR reports that Drac will use recordings made in 1985, the year of Welles’ death. On the tapes, Welles narrates Robert X. Leed’s book 'Christmas Tails', about 'how Santa’s dog saves Christmas.' So as if it weren’t enough that Welles’ final screen appearance was as a voice in the Transformers animated movie, now he’ll have a coda narrating a heroic dog movie.

(More plot: 'Santa’s reindeer fall ill, forcing him to consider canceling Christmas. Meanwhile, his dog gathers other canines in the North to help save the day.')"

So it's like "What if... Orson Welles was involved with Snow Buddies?" Might pass if I'm not impressed.

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