Thursday, March 4, 2010


From Slashfilm:

"Warner Bros is going 3D crazy. Post Avatar, the movie studio has announced post production 3D conversions of the last two Harry Potter films and Clash of the Titans. Rumors have been circulating that the studio was also considering 3D for the upcoming big screen adaptation of Green Lantern. A few weeks back, director Martin Campbell was asked about the possibility, to which he replied that the studio 'haven’t really talked about it.' What a difference a few weeks can make…

Box Office Mojo has confirmed that Warner Bros will be releasing the superhero film in 3D, when it hits screens on June 17th 2011. The film begins principal photography later this month, and was said to have been shooting some tests recently. It is unclear if it is too late for the production to shoot the movie using 3D cameras, or if the same post production process will be used."


Here's a fan-made poster:

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