Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Marvel TV?

From BlueSkyDisney:

"Like Peter Parker changing into his secret identity, you can expect Disney XD to start morphing into a different place by the end of this year...

Well, it'll start to begin later this year, but that's more of just announcements and preparations. I'd say between 2011/12 you're going to quite a new line up of the cable network. Formerly Toon Disney, Disney XD is the male-centric cable channel that the Mouse wants to be the alternative to The Disney Channel, which is now predominately female/girl oriented. They've been attempting to duplicate the 'Hannah Montana' experience with shows and all, but the drive to get more boys and their toys will kick into overdrive soon.

Marvel characters are being evaluated for several slots on the daily line up and at least two characters have or will very soon get a greenlight to head into production. This is just the first offerings from the Mighty House of Marvel. More are said to be coming, with 2012 looking to cast this network as a very superhero focused place on the dial. Expect every property in Marvel's catalog to be combed through to find the right collection of men in tights to attract the young boy demographic. It's those that Iger actually paid for... he's trying to get instant or close to instant cred with this group. The male sector doesn't go for anything labeled 'Princess' too well and this the beginning of the company's attempt to win over these guys. Having them identify Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, Thor and all the others with the Disney name is something that's going to be emphasised over the next few years as these characters make their home in their new house.

So if you need a hero, you're about to get one, or many actually... "

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