Saturday, November 7, 2009


From WENN:

"WENN was invited onto the New York City set of Steve Guttenberg’s new movie today, where he revealed he’ll be reuniting with Tom Selleck and Ted Danson to give away baby Mary [in a sequel to 1987's Three Men and a Baby].

Guttenberg told us, 'Disney’s developing Three Men and a Bride. That’s going to be a smash. A smash hit. They’re bringing everybody back for that. Nobody knows about it. I’m the first to talk about it.'

[Guttenberg also revealed] he wants to bring back Police Academy, Cocoon – and to star in the mooted Short Circuit sequel.

'It’s definitely time for another Police Academy. And I think they could make another Cocoon. They’re surefire hits and I think they’re good for the world. They make the world a better place and that’s what it’s all about.'"


In case you don't know, Three Men and a Baby was the highest grossing film of 1987, even beating out Fatal Attraction. Directed by Leonard Nimoy (yes, Mr. Spock; hot off the hit sci-fi/comedy Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home), this film is about three Manhattan bachelors who find a baby on their doorstep and grow to love her and must combat drug dealers who want their heroin and will steal the baby to get it. The film also spawned a 1990 sequel, Three Men and a Little Lady which reunited Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson but not Leonard Nimoy. Maybe this new film will persuade him to return, though he's fully committed to 'Fringe', Leonard Nimoy Photography and playing Spock Prime in Star Trek and hopeful sequels.

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