Friday, November 20, 2009

CYCLER transforms from a book to the big screen


"Don Murphy and Susan Montford's Angryfilms has optioned Lauren McLaughlin's young-adult book series Cycler.

The novels tell the story of Jill, a suburban teenager who for four days each month turns into Jack, complete with male anatomy and 17-year-old-boy fantasies. Jill has maintained her life of ordinary teenage worries, such as going to the prom and dealing with crush, but that changes when Jack, tired of being locked in his room, begins to escape, causing damage to her social life.

Random House for Young Readers published the book last year and followed it with a sequel, 'Re-Cycler'; more are on the way."

Haha! Sounds awesome and hilariously funny. If girls get What Guys Want (a gnder-swapped remake of What Women Want which starred Mel Gibson, which featured a man suddenly developing the power to read women's minds; the remake will star Selena Gomez - oh, joy. This will only make guys look so bad), guys should get Cycler.

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