Tuesday, November 3, 2009


From ComingSoon.net:

"USA Today reports that Shawn Levy, director of the Night at the Museum movies, has signed on to produce a feature film based on The Berenstain Bears books.

The comedy will feature a mix of live-action and computer animation. Walden Media, the company behind the Chronicles of Narnia films, has acquired the film rights. The popular books were written by by Jan and the late Stan Berenstain.

'I'd like the film to be un-ironic about its family connections but have a wry comedic sensibility that isn't oblivious to the fact that they're bears,' Levy said. 'The comedy comes from this bear family coexisting in a more recognizably real world.'

The earliest release date for the film would be late 2011."

I don't know. It sounds a bit like Enchanted, how something so can suddenly be thrust into the big, bad world. It could work, especially with someone like Shawn Levy overseeing the process.

Did you know that a young Michael Cera voiced Brother Bear in the 2003 cartoon series?

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