Monday, August 23, 2010

Neville Page, monster maker, working on SUPER 8


"Neville Page, the conceptual artist responsible for designs in Star Trek, Cloverfield, Piranha 3D, [Avatar] and the upcoming TRON: Legacy, teased information to Wired about the creature design in his next big project, Super 8.

Though he's light on details, Page does reveal that he was tasked with designing the creature after the teaser trailer was created and that J.J. Abrams showed him the footage to help get him excited.

'When that door blows open,' he says, 'it's the ultimate reveal. It's Elvis or something.'

What's more, Page hints that Abrams won't resort entirely to computer animation to bring the monster to life and that the writer/director will rely on some classic special effect work.

'I'll bet you anything there's going to be a rubber something or other at some point,' says Page."

So if they're using a rubber monster, they're really serious about making this an old-school movie. Can't wait to see and/or hear more.

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