Thursday, May 13, 2010

IRON MAN 2 goes Disney?

From D23:

"Of all the things a Disney fan might expect from box office smash Iron Man 2 — A-list celebrities, dazzling special effects, heart-racing action — a Richard Sherman tune might not be one of them. But moviegoers get just that when seeing the new movie, which took in a staggering $133.6 million this past weekend.

'It's a small part of the film,' scoffs Richard modestly, speaking exclusively to D23. Sherman's melody, 'Make Way for Tomorrow Today,' is the theme for the 1974 Stark Expo in the film, and can also be heard over the closing credits (an orchestral arrangement of the song is played over the Stark Expo 2010 web site). The Expo looks suspiciously like an updated version of the 1964 New York World's Fair for which Walt Disney himself played a leading creative role. In fact, the character of Howard Stark (father of Tony Stark — played by Robert Downey, Jr.) looks suspiciously like Walt himself and his on-camera addresses are reminiscent of Walt's personal talks with his audience during his many television appearances. 'Tony's father is a cross between Walt Disney and Howard Hughes,' explains Richard, who's crafted dozens of enduring Disney songs over the years — from 'It's A Small World' to 'A Spoonful of Sugar' — with his brother, Robert.

'The filmmakers wanted a Disney-esque song to be the theme song of the Stark Expo,' continues the Disney Legend. So who better to approach than then composer of one of the most iconic songs of the 1964 World's Fair? 'It's very much a Disney-style up-tempo number,' says Richard, who confirms the piece gives a wink and a nod to his 1964 composition for the Carousel of Progress. 'It's the feel of 'There's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow.' It has the same exciting Disney quality.'

Richard, who calls Iron Man 2 a 'great, fun movie,' says he thinks his old boss would be thrilled with Disney's acquisition of the Marvel label. 'It's entertaining — Walt was an entertainer,' he points out. 'I think Walt would be pleased about this. He's smiling down.'

Richard has reason to smile too: 'Make Way for Tomorrow Today' is slated to appear in the upcoming Captain America film ('different style, same song,' Richard notes), ensuring the music of this true Disney treasure will continue to be enjoyed by a whole new generation."

If you haven't heard this great melody go to -

It's good to know that the Sherman brothers are still recognizable after all these years.

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