Friday, October 16, 2009

SPIDER-MAN 4 gets back to basics!


"Director Sam Raimi was interviewed... and was asked about Spider-Man 4.

Asked about complaints that there were too many villains in Spider-Man 3, he said: 'I think having so many villains detracted from the experience. I would agree with the criticism.'

Raimi added that he had learned some new lessons and storytelling tricks from his last film, Drag Me to Hell. 'I think I've learned about the importance of getting to the point and the importance of having limitations, and I'm hoping to take that into a production where I'm actually allowed to explore with more of the tools to pull it off with a little more splendor.'

'I hope I don't lose that edge that I've just found. That would be my approach to Spider-Man 4: to get back to the basics.'"

Just put in a final web-swing at the end of the movie and no more massive amounts of down-in-the-dumps behavior (It's a superhero movie, you're allowed to have fun! Unless it's Watchmen). Also throw in a spider-sense sequence (the coolest one was in Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2 had one in the 'catching the train' scene but Spider-Man 3 had none!!)

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