Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Disney flickers from REEL TO REAL


"Disney has preemptively picked up Reel to Real, a family fantasy pitch by Eric Saiet and Andrea Maywhort-Scully.

The story involves a magical film projector.

Saiet and Maywhort-Scully, based in New York, are newcomers to the screenwriting trade though, in Saiet's case, not to the industry. He acted as a youngster (his first credit is Ferris Bueller's Day Off) and has had dozens of TV appearances."

Huh. I seem to recall writing a story like this a few years ago called The Megaplex. It was more like Night at the Museum in structure though - a newly hired employee at a small town megaplex that replaced a well-known one screen movie-theater finds that characters from every genre are leaping off the screen at night.

Oh, well. Takes a load off my mind. I know Disney can do this right.


Here's a trailer for a similar movie - Arnold Schwarzenegger's Last Action Hero.

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