Monday, September 14, 2009

Even More TOY STORY 3 News!


"D23 has come to a close tonight with the premiere of Toy Story and Toy Story 2 in 3D. At the head of the event, Toy Story 3, director Lee Unkrich joined producer Darla Anderson for an exclusive preview of the 2010 film.

In addition to the already-screened trailer and Ken doll interview, the pair showed off an exclusive test animation of Spanish-speaking Buzz Lightyear (the trailer features a scene of Buzz being 're-set' electronically by the other toys, resulting in him adopting a Spanish persona). The 15-second test had Buzz Flamenco dancing, wooing Jessie who, at the end of the scene, gleefully pulls him offscreen.

Just as the night seemed about ready to lead into the 3D version of the first Toy Story, Unkrich and Anderson revealed that they had one more surprise: the first full scene from Toy Story 3 screened anywhere.

The scene opens with Andy's room. It's recognizable as the room from his youth, but the walls are now covered with different posters and there's fewer toys on the floor. Andy's mom comes in and tells Andy that, since he's heading off to college on Friday (in three days) he needs to decide what he's keeping, what he's donating to Sunnyside day care, and what he's just throwing out. Andy's sister, Molly comes in, demanding that he hurry along in the process since she'll be taking his room when he's gone. She walks over to a chest and opens it, revealing all the recognizable toys, and making fun of Andy for still having them. The mom scolds Molly as well, saying that she, too, needs to get some of her junk cleaned out.

Molly heads off to her room (reading 'Tween' magazine) and starts throwing toys into a 'Sunnyside' box. She throws in an Eight-Ball and then Barbie as the other toys watch with horror from Andy's chest. Hamm has a great joke here, saying 'I call the convertible!' while all the other toys are aghast.

Andy opens a trash bag and starts putting toys in it. He puts in Jessie, Rex, Hamm, Bullseye, Mr. Potato Head and a bunch of three-eyed Martians. Soon every toy is inside the bag except for Buzz and Woody who Andy holds in either hand, trying to make his decision. He finally throws Buzz in the bag and pulls Woody aside for his 'college' box.

Andy pulls the bag out into the hallway, pulling the cord above his head for the attic but just then Molly asks for help with something and he has to leave the bag in hall. The mom ends up coming by and finding it, mistaking it for trash and carrying it out to the curb.

Woody watches in horror from Andy's window as the trash truck approaches, now just a few houses down. He jumps to the floor and calls for the dog, Buster, who makes an amazing cameo, now old, slow, overweight and very, very grey.

Realizing that Buster can't help him, Woody runs to the window and grabs a pair of scissors, leaping to a drainpipe and crawling down into the yard. Inside the garbage bag, the toys are panicked, trying to tear open a hole so they can escape. Buzz realizes that they might be able to use Rex's tail to break a hole and they all push him against the plastic.

Woody makes it to the bags on the curb just as the trash truck is showing up. Avoiding the gaze of the trash men, he cuts a bag at a time, but finds only trash bags. Before he can reach the bag of toys, the trash man grabs everything on the curb and throws it into the back of his truck. Woody watches in horror as the trash compactor comes on, crushing all the garbage bags.

Woody shouts, 'Buzz! Jessie!' in and the scene cuts, to be continued."

Pure Toy Story comedy and entertainment.

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