Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Superman Matrix?

From IMDB.com:

"The Matrix filmmakers Andy and Larry Wachowski have been offered the chance to take over the Superman franchise and make a trilogy of movies about the Man of Steel, according to reports.

The superhero franchise has been on hold since 2006's Superman Returns, which was directed by Bryan Singer.

According to movie website Ain't it Cool News, Singer has turned down the chance to make another Superman movie, paving the way for studios bosses at Warner Bros. to offer the job to the Wachowskis.

The site was tipped off by a recent interview James McTeigue - who directed the brothers' film adaptation of comic V for Vendetta - gave to a German TV station.

McTeigue revealed the Wachowskis' plans to make a movie about comic character Plastic Man have been postponed, and that they are considering a three-part follow-up to Superman Returns.

A source tells Ain't it Cool News, "(The Wachowskis) are currently reviewing their options as it's like being asked to take the final play in a Super Bowl final.

'Making a Superman movie is unbelievable as they have grown up in the world of comic books and they would be ideal for the project.'"

Now, I didn't mind Speed Racer. I think it is a great film for people who haven't seen the anime the film is based on but unfortunately I saw the first season of the original before I saw the film and I don't think it completely measures up (Spritle's too old..."Freebird" in a Wachowski/Speed Racer movie... Speed cursing on the track at all). So you can see why I'm not sure Warner Bros. is wise to let the Wachowskis after an American icon. But then again, has anybody seen Superman Returns? Aside from Marlon Brando, this film didn't look anything like the Donner film.

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