Friday, February 26, 2010

The Nolans revolutionizing DC Comics movies?


"IESB has posted some interesting [rum]ors about DC Entertainment's upcoming slate. The site says it's all still unconfirmed, but these items could potentially be part of the announcements that the studio is expected to make soon.

Yesterday, the site reported that Greg Berlanti, co-producer and co-writer of Martin Campbell's Green Lantern, is the frontrunner to direct Warner Bros.' The Flash.

Earlier this week, it was reported that David Goyer will be writing the new Superman movie, The Man of Steel. What we didn't catch then is that Jonah Nolan, who together with Goyer is writing the script for Christopher Nolan's next Batman movie, is also on board to co-write the Superman film. Of course, this follows the news from earlier this month that Chris Nolan will play a 'godfather' role in getting The Man of Steel going.

Which brings us to the really interesting parts. IESB is saying that Chris Nolan is mentoring the movie because his brother Jonah Nolan may make his directorial debut on The Man of Steel.

Adding to that, the site says that there's a possibility that Chris Nolan will direct the Justice League movie after The Man of Steel and next Batman movie are released."

Wow. This looks to be really interesting. Two brothers, one who has directed the (now)-third highest-grossing movie ever and one who hasn't directed anything, could be the only thing to save the two greatest heroes that DC Comics has.

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